Company Profile

Titanium Motors is a fully owned subsidiary of the VST Group and are the dealers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Chennai.

The automotive division contributes ₹1600 crore turnover annually (USD 250 million) to the VST Group and are the chosen partners for ten world class manufacturers covering the two southern states of Tamilnadu and Karnataka, and are without doubt the primary dealer partner in every city  they operate in. The group’s business interests span brands catering to luxury vehicles (cars and motorbikes), passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and scooters. The Group is well poised to cater to these distinct segments and provide to the customer unmatched experience, fine tuned with decades of exceeding customer expectations and building relationships.

Driven by its core value of trust, the VST Group of companies serves more than 5,000 customers every day with businesses in 7 different sectors and a turnover of over ₹ 3500 crore annually (USD 550 million).  The parent holding company of the group VST & Sons, was set up in 1911 and is still in operation today. A business of this size and repute was not built overnight; it is the fruit of a century of dedication, foresight and hard work. From humble beginnings in kerosene, the VST Group grew and diversified into multiple sectors including: Petroleum Retail, Construction, Automobile Dealerships, OE Parts & Lubricants Distribution, Finance, Manufacturing and Exports.  


Our vision is one of sustained Growth that delivers Excellence with Innovation, built on a foundation of Trust laid down over a hundred years.

Each element of this statement of our vision and values is tied to the way our business has evolved and continues to evolve.

Growth is the natural aim of any conscientious business; not just a quest for profit. It is the surest means to ensure a just return to all stakeholders and to the larger social context that frames any business.

The pursuit of Excellence and Innovation guides us through each step. Excellence in all we do, from the smallest, most routine task to the most complex, high-level operation. An innovative spirit that allows us to improve our existing processes while constantly searching for new avenues for growth and change.

These values have guided a steady rise from a small dealership to a diverse group of businesses, which brings us to the last, though not least important component of our vision: our heritage of Trust.

Trust implies that we stand by our commitments to our principals, our partners, our employees and most of all our customers. It is this adherence to building Trust that has inspired all that we have achieved over the course of our first hundred years and all that we will continue to aspire to over the many more ahead.